01 December 2011

Improspection is back!!!

Have you not heard of Improspection? They are true Montrealers who love to laugh and want you to laugh with them. This Monday, Decmeber 5th at Theatre St-Catherine, Improspection will be putting on a new show for you!

you : Laughters.

BACKSTAGE – NIGHT – Paul and Maité are keeping an eye on the scene 
onstage and kill time as they wait for the moment juste to jump in.
MAITÉ - Qu’est-ce tu me demandes là stie Paul? J’ai-tu-déjà attendu 
longtemps pour rien… (Se parlant à elle-même.) Ben là, j’ai attendu… Haa 
c’est comme trop triste! (À Paul.) J’arrive pas à trouver. J’attend mes 
idées mais y arrivent pas.
PAUL - I have some cravings for chocolate.
MAITÉ - You talk like a pregnant woman. Hey, j'ai comme mal au coeur 
Paul gets onstage doing a scene with Cat. Paul returns backstage.
MAITÉ - Hey you just did a scene playing Cat’s sister? Ark, c'est que mon 
mal de coeur m'écoeure un peu. (Ouvrant une bière.) Paul … I am the girl, 
so I don’t understand… why do you get to do Cat’s sister?
PAUL – I’ve always wanted to be a police officer. Pretty much all of my 
life I have been waiting for something to happen …

Thank you so for using my quote! That's so cool. It doesn't take much to make me happy.
Check out the teaser trailer for the show.

 Tickets are 7$, 5$ reduced. So be at Theatre 
St-Catherine this Monday, Dec 5th at 8h30 for Laughters, Tears and Confidences. Starring Cat Moreau, Maité Sinave, Paul Naiman and Tessa Manuello who directs the show also.
Take care!


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