31 March 2011

Getting back into the flow...

I finally feel at home. In my new home, with my office semi put together and the rest of the house that follows it's lead. However and despite all the shit and crap I've been through in the past month and a half, I'm so happy to be free of that place, that my friend is in a better place and that my hard work is slowly paying off.
 I'm going to start my catching up with this long overdue press release.
Wait for it...

24 March 2011

On da go.

No this will not be another apologetic post for my slacking because this time I ain't. I've been running around moving, planning, making phone calls, tweeking shit... all the while never having time to post. Then I remembered that I have a smartphone! It's actually not that smart because it hasn't figured out how to make or for the lack of a better word, give me money. When it does that, then I'll be impressed.
Until then, I wait. In the mean time, I will be one of these douches downloading Apps and being a slave to my phone.
At least I know?!
I'm on my way to see Kurt Meztger at Comedy Works! This Guy has been stuck in my head ever since Last Comic Standing last year. If you haven't already, go check out the post on the best Michael Jackson ever. Flipping hilarious.
Tomorrow I'm at the Comedy Nest for Mike Dambra.
Sorry for the short post and the long waits in between.
See you soon

22 March 2011

Angry Mondays:Time

 Who has time? Time to sleep, to eat, to chill, unfortunately to work....Where do you find it? The fact that my Monday post is coming on Tuesday can explain to you my frustration with this subject.

14 March 2011

Centaur Theater presents...

 Yes, we can cover humorous theater also! Here's the press release for a play going on right now at the Centaur Theatre ending April 3rd. Check it out!

Angry Mondays: WTF?

I had to emphasize on todays rant in the title. These abbreviations that the world has picked up. Not only are we too lazy to walk, we are too lazy to talk, too lazy to text, too brain dead by the end to type anything meaningful and logical that we start to make up words.
Let me elucidate...

13 March 2011

Funny on St-Patrick's Day?

Ahh, St-Patties day. SOOOOOOO Many memories of this godforsaken day. If there ever was a festival made for drinking, it's this one. I still don't know why we don't have this day off. Or at least the next day. Both would be optimal. Howevr there is more to St-Patties day this year than just the parade, drinks and drunken stories.
Now we have comedy!

07 March 2011

How do you handle the Mornin' After?

 We've all had our share of bad one nighters. Early mornings when you wake up and you realize that your dream was actually reality. But, with everything in life, take it with a smile.
That's just what a full room at Comedy Works did on Sunday night for the Morning after show, 
produced by Ali M..

with your host Dan Bingham

Angry Mondays: The 103 Monkland

So this week's rant will be about this retched bus route that I have been taking ever since I moved to NDG when I was twelve. Before I totally destroy our public transit system, I have to admit with a big gulp,
that the Société de Transport de Montréal is one of the worlds best, most efficient and reliable transit systems in the world.
They just won the 2010
Despite the jumpers, construction detours and common sense it takes to let people get off the metro before they try to get on, all of which are not the STM problems, we are lucky to have our public transportation.
Now having said that...