25 April 2011

Where were you on 4:20?

Last Wednesday, me and my baby boo went to a comedy ExtravaGanja at Club Lambi. I've never felt more at home. Here's the line-up:

Hosted by Howard Dover

Oh, it was even better because the show opened with the gorgeous and devilish  
L. Diablo from Team Burlesque. Just keep reading...

Angry Mondays: Growing up sucks ASS!

You might say: But you are grown up? No I ain't and far from it!
It sucks to realize all that shit you've arrived at that point in your life when excuses don't matter, nobody cares that your sick and crying solves absolutely nothing.

18 April 2011

Angry Mondays: I can't text

If you ask Tulia about my texting, she will tell you she feels like Garey Busey getting a text from Lil Wayne. Apparently, I text really bad. But that's because she forgot one big detail: I hate texting so I really don't pay much mind to it. Especially the way she likes to text.

Angry Mondays: Je chi dans ta face!

J'écris cet article en français parce qu'il n`y a rien qui dit je suis frustré que de parler et d'écrire en français. Même québécois. On dirait que la vie ne cesse pas de me faire chier.

16 April 2011

It's 4:20

It's going down this time. Bigger and better!
Sponsored by Skunk Magazine, Howard Dover presents a Comedy ExtravaGanja.
With music, comedy and even a sexy burlesque act to wrap it all together.
Check out the details!

A New Class

 Last week, I was witness to the new class of graduates from Joey Elias lessons.
I only got to see half of them but I'd like to say a big "Good Job!" To all of them. Being on stage is one of my biggest fears and you guys did it. And for that, much respect.

05 April 2011


This Sunday is a great show coming up. A comedy playoffs between 10 of Montreal's best comedians, hosted by critically acclaimed Franco Taddeo and judged by
The Gazette's Bill Brownstein
CJAD 800 Morning Man Andrew Carter
Veronica Delfino from Watch Mojo
 It's going to be memorable kick off to this new show!
Host and closer for the night, Franco Taddeo

04 April 2011

Angry Mondays: Oh no he didn't!

 Last week was an ordeal of a move. Being forced out because dumb dumb (AKA Landlord) wants to renovate, so let's make all the noise we can possibly make at 7:30 in the morning until they loose it.
Loose it? No my friend your about to lose your balls! 

All the pictures you are about to see are the actual images of my apartment on March 29th, 2011.

02 April 2011

Let's continue at the Comedy Nest

 Last weekend was a New York themed, now that I think about it.The headliner at Comedy Nest last weekend was Mike Dambra. What a riot. Another awesome show from a comedian who knows not just how to handle a crowd, but how to make them jump and how!
On Friday night, we had

 and we had Josh Williams in from Ottawa

01 April 2011

Let's start at the Comedy Works

 On Thursday, March 24th, I got to go see Kurt Metzger. What a treat! It had been a while I had seen one without serving drinks so it felt extra good. Here's the line up

and your host Todd Van Allen