28 September 2011

Mercredis Frenchy: Alors, qu'est ce qui se passe?

Oui, ça fait un p'tit bout que je n'ai pas écrit mes amours.  La vie est juste trop. Trop de toute sorte de choses, de tâches, de travail mais jamais assez de temps pour les faires. Mais assez avec les excuses, voici ce qu'ils vous attends dans les prochaines semaines.

26 September 2011

The Big, the Bad and the Belly

This Thursday, Walter J. Lyng and his comical buddies will be taking over the NDG Wheel Club once again for another night of Ha-Has and Hi-His. Who does he have in store this time? Andrew Searles and Mike Paterson!!!

24 September 2011

Yo Momma is so fat...

The classic beginning of any yo momma jokes. You love them, some are insulted by them but they are always a good laugh. Do you think you have what it takes to battle it out with the best? If so, keep reading...

23 September 2011

Adopt this please!

In one week, you can catch an amazing one man show. During the FRINGE festival, it was nominated for Best Script and Best English Production. It won the Just For Laughs Best Comedy Award and has had great reviews across the board. I want to join the press and see for myself and so should you.

12 September 2011

Angry Mondays: Time to get back out there!

School's back in, vacations are over and the warm days are getting more and more scarce.  But there is one thing you can always count on and that's comedy. Everywhere on this island, there are shows you can catch any day of the week. We are lucky Montreal and I'm here to show you just how much!

10 September 2011

Things you forget are important

Well my loyal followers, I have not left you. I am preparing for the future, getting my personal life correct and really taking some serious life decisions. I am here to stay. That's for true! I guess you can say that I am overwhelmed with all the shows and opportunities popping up everywhere. It's easy to loose focus. Some people get stressed out and lose it, I just shut down and become a sloth, a breathing useless creature of the universe. In other words, really, really lazy

As I've mentioned before, August was a lazy month. Excuse me, as my mom would say this
I can't remember if there's an "is" in between but when she says it with her accent, this is what I hear.

Laziness personified

05 September 2011

Angry Mondays: Lackadaisical August

Lackadaisical. A word that my mother used frequently, usually on a Sunday after church.Well, I thank her because it is the best word to describe this past month of August. Fucking useless month from my point of view. Work was bare, my allergies are destroying me and just no motivation lately. Not to say that I lack a choice of shows to go see. Just me, myself and my bullshit. Time to get a grip and stop crying.