06 April 2012

the 6th Montreal Comedy Competition

 The Montreal Comedy Competiton is back for the sixth time.
. Nine local comedians with experience that ranges from 6 months to 3 years, will compete for this title.
Bianca Yates
Mo Arora
Abdull Butt
Santiago Espinosa
Emery Fine
Patrick Hakeem
Robby Hoffman
Walter Lyng
Richard Mullan

These local comics will take the stage and give you their best performance. They will be judged on creativity, delivery, stage presence, audience reaction and of course, their sense of humor. The winner will be the individual who captures the comedy spirit the most. Who really has a comedy soul?

Tickets are 13$ and this show will be hosted by Peter J. Radomski and Ali Mohammadi will be closing the show. So come and giggle with us this Sunday, 8:30pm at Jimbo's Comedy Works.

Support you local comedians and keep on laughing!


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